Ancient artists generally depicted Zeus as a dignified, bearded man of middle age. Often, he was shown holding, or preparing to hurl, a thunderbolt, which took the form of a winged spear or a cylinder with pointed ends. One of the most remarkable images ever created of Zeus was a statue that stood in his temple at Olympia in Greece. The statue was lost long ago, but a description of it survives. The forty-foot-tall statue showed the god seated, with golden lions at his side. The head and upper body were made of precious ivory, and the lower body was draped in gold—truly a glorious and awe-inspiring representation of “the greatest god of all.”

In modern times, Zeus is still the best known of the Olympian gods. He has appeared as a character in numerous television shows and films. Notable examples include Jason and the Argonauts (1963), Clash of the Titans (1981), and the Disney animated film Hercules (1997). He has also appeared in video games, such as Zeus: Master of Olympus.

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