This volume covers the history of Judaism in the early Roman period. Political histor> is treated from Pompey to Vespasian, but many chapters on Jewish life and thought go beyond the period of the Flavian emperors to present themes and evidence of importance for Judaism up to the third century CE. Special attention is given to the study of institutions and schools of thought, and to the significance for ancient Judaism of archaeological finds and inscriptions.

The study of subjects and themes in Judaism proceeds from Jewish-Gcntile relations and the accompanying ideology, to the temple and synagogue, and then to groups and schools of thought - Pharisees, Sadducees, Fsenes, Baptist sects, the Tourth philosophy' and similar groups, Samaritans and the Christian movement. An unusual feature of the volume is its historical treatment of the earliest Christianity within the context of ancient Judaism. In the sphere of literature the Qumran texts, Philo and Josephus receive attention. There are $tudic$ of Jewish society in Judaea and Galilee, and of Judaism in connection with Egyptian religion and with magical tradition and practice.

VOLUME I Introductiott: The Persian Period EDITED BY W. D. Daviesand Louis Finkclstcin 1984, o 521 zi88o?

VoLU. ME 1 The Hellenistic Age EDITED BY W. D. Davicsand Louis Finkelstein 1989, o 521 219299

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